Growing up within a creative family on the West Coast of Scotland, seeing, sharing and learning from generations of skill in traditional handknitting, needlework and pattern tweaking encouraged the spark, firing a lifelong need to design and make.

These roots led via experience as a student working in a wool shop to recent years as a freelance designer, tutor, consultant and sounding board for yarn companies, television, film and individual designers.

Now based in Kent, textile and texture inspiration comes from many sources with: geology; The Glasgow Girls; the Viennese Secessionist Movement; old luggage; the attention to detail and fluidity of Madeleine Vionnet, Callot Souers, Boue Souers, Maison Lesage and Paul Poiret as favourite topics.

Enabling enjoyment and achievement of knitters through pattern design, writing and teaching is a constant focus of my work along with the cathartic nature of the somewhere-else-ness of the craft.